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How To Start A Mini Skip Hire Business In Somerset

Are you considering starting a skip hire business in Somerset? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with practical tips and advice on how to start a mini skip hire business in Somerset.

Skip Hire Somerset Is A Mini Skip Hire Company In Somerset

Before we dive into the details, let us introduce ourselves. We are Skip Hire Somerset, a mini skip hire company based in Somerset, South West England. We have been in the skip hire business for many years, and we have helped many people start their own skip hire business. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to guide you through the process of starting your own skip hire business.

Understand The Business Of Skip Hire

Before you start a skip hire business, it is important to understand the industry. Skip hire is a service that involves the collection and disposal of waste. A skip is a large container used for the temporary storage of waste. Skip hire companies provide skips to customers who need to dispose of waste. The waste is then collected by the skip hire company and disposed of at a licensed waste disposal facility.

Skip hire is a profitable business, but like any other business, it has its challenges. To start a successful skip hire business, you need to understand the market, the competition, the regulations and the challenges you may face.

Identify Your Target Customers

Your target customers will determine the type of skip hire services you offer. In Somerset, there are many potential customers who may require skip hire services. These include:

  • Homeowners who are renovating or clearing their homes
  • Builders and construction companies
  • Commercial businesses that produce waste
  • Local councils and government agencies

You need to identify the types of customers you want to target and tailor your services to their needs.

Choose The Right Types Of Skips

Skips come in different sizes and types. The type of skip you choose will depend on the needs of your customers. Some of the common skip sizes include:

  • Mini skips (2-3 cubic yards) - suitable for small domestic projects
  • Midi skips (4-5 cubic yards) - suitable for larger domestic projects and small commercial jobs
  • Builders skips (6-8 cubic yards) - suitable for large domestic projects, builders and construction sites
  • Roll-on roll-off skips (20-40 cubic yards) - suitable for large commercial projects and industrial waste

You need to choose the right types of skips that will meet the needs of your customers.

Offer Additional Services

To attract more customers and increase your revenue, you could offer additional services such as:

  • The collection and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Skip hire with a driver/operator
  • Recycling services

Customers are more likely to choose a skip hire company that offers a range of services.

Know The Regulations

Skip hire is a heavily regulated industry. To start a skip hire business in Somerset, you need to comply with the regulations set by the Environment Agency, the local council and other government agencies. Some of the regulations you need to be aware of include:

  • Waste carrier registration
  • Waste transfer notes
  • Waste disposal licences
  • Health and safety regulations

You need to ensure that you understand and comply with all the regulations applicable to your business.

Choose The Right Location

Choosing the right location is crucial for the success of your skip hire business. You need to choose a location that is easily accessible to your target customers. Ideally, your location should be in an industrial area or close to major roads. You also need to consider the availability of land to store your skips.

Market Your Business

Customers need to know that your skip hire business exists. You need to develop a marketing strategy to reach your target customers. Some of the marketing strategies you could use include:

  • SEO - optimise your website for search engines such as Google
  • Social media - create and maintain social media pages for your business
  • Advertising - advertise in local newspapers, magazines and directories
  • Referrals - encourage your satisfied customers to refer your business to others

Invest In Equipment And Vehicles

Starting a skip hire business requires significant investment in equipment and vehicles. You need to invest in skips of different sizes, a skip loading truck, and safety equipment such as gloves and hi-vis vests. You also need to ensure that your vehicles are properly insured and maintained.


Starting a skip hire business in Somerset can be a profitable venture if you follow the right steps. You need to understand the industry, identify your target customers, choose the right types of skips, comply with the regulations, choose the right location, market your business and invest in equipment and vehicles.

At Skip Hire Somerset, we have the expertise, experience and knowledge to help you start a successful skip hire business. Contact us today on 01373 593028 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our skip hire services. Alternatively, you can visit our website at for more information.

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